Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dearest 2010, and to my Lovely 2011...

Love Letter,  by Maja.....

You're nearly a month gone now, 2010..
  But that's ok, I'll still write you, although a bit late. You know, a lot of people called you their worst year. 
You were supposed to be amazing, magical with your nice, round numbers. You were supposed to be the -best- year ever. But everyone puts that kind of pressure on a new year and the novelty wears off fast. Personally, I didn't think you were that bad. I kind of let you breeze over me, and sat back and just watched you happen. Despite being a busy year, I spend the entire year procrastinating, putting things off, making excuse after excuse. You could have very easily steamrolled me, but instead you just kind of flowed on by, not kind but not unkind. My procrastination left you somewhat adventureless, and unproductive and I have nearly nothing to show for the past year but I still wouldn't deem you the worst year ever. After all, I made some wonderful new friends,  I found a new sport - brazillian jiu-jitsu, that's become a huge part of my life, and I got married to the love of my life! For not giving a damn and putting forth no effort, that's pretty good if you ask me! 

  2011, WATCH OUT!
I'm grabbing you by the horns and taking charge. You're the year of the rabbit, and I'm a rabbit so we're going to be best friends, but you're NOT walking all over me, you're NOT going to lazily float on by like 2010, we're in this together. You are MY YEAR. I've already started cleaning out my house, and clothes and I've started organizing and taking the initiative. I got myself back in school, I'm working on tackling issues I've been avoiding (school was one of the big ones, the rest will fall in place soon...) I'm now a military wife, dealing with my first big deployment, so I've been trying to keep myself super busy and spend lots and lots of time doing new things, learning new things. I've picked up a few new hobbies and jiu-jitsu has been changing my -life-. 2011, you are going to be a year full of organization, growing up, and lots of adventures.


chelsea said...

Yeah, watch out 2011!
What are you studying? Where are you living? And what adventures do you have planned?
You need to write your intro post quite soon.

Chelsea said...

I know! I always write really awkward intro posts haha, but I plan on working on it tomorrow for sure!

youmeandaskeletonkey said...

blog comments full of chelseas! neat. anyways, i hope two thousand eleven is your year, just as im hoping it's mine! your blog is really darling, keep writing and doing!

much love.

Chelsea said...

:) yours will be too! I have a good feeling about this year in general!

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