Saturday, January 29, 2011

Introduction? Introduction!

Chelsea! In a cup?!
 After failing to keep up my blog last year (almost exactly one year now actually!) I've decided to start one up again. I spend a large chunk of my time reading blogs, but didn't have one myself, and it made me feel like an anonymous lurker. 

So who am I? I'm a twenty-three year old, newly married, college student trying to discover and create myself and fill 2011 with adventures. I've been trapped in a giant style/writers/artist/life block for awhile now and I'm taking the steps needed to overcome it. I've always felt like my interests and style were so diverse and varied and clashing and it's been a personal struggle to be ok with it. I'm also doing a massive overhaul of my life, my belongings and it's going to be a fun journey to document along with lots of other things! I've joined the ranks of the military wives, and my husband will be doing his first deployment. I'm spending 2011 focusing on myself, things I always wanted to do, preparing for a life as a "housewife" (I don't feel like a housewife?! Thats for another post though). Maybe some fitness posts as well!  So basically, welcome to my personal blog, about me!
I'd imagine my block to look like this blockhead.

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youmeandaskeletonkey said...

what a cute intro! you are too darling, i cant wait to see what you've got in store!

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