Tuesday, February 8, 2011

R.I.P. Brian Jacques

"Suns that set as seasons turn,
Flowers grow and wither yet.
Who can say what flame may burn,
Friends that we have known and met.
Look into the young one's eyes,
See the winter turn to spring,
Across the quiet eternal lake,
Ripples spreading in a ring."
-Mattimeo by Brian Jacques
Funeral Poem

  My favorite author growing up, and even into my adult life passed away this weekend. I found out today. British author Brian Jacques wrote the incredible Redwall Series. I'm a giant book nerd and super shy me was always getting in trouble for...reading in class, reading Redwall usually. The Redwall books took place in the Mossflower woods and had characters that consisted of silly rabbits with british accents, heroic mice, villainous ferrets, rats weasels and more. The books were pretty thick books (500+ pages I think) that catered to a large audience. I think I'm going to go back and re-read all of them.  Back before shopping online was big, and people hardly knew anything about EBay and ordering online was scary - I was super lucky to have parents that fed my Redwall obsession and let me order Redwall things from England, like little picture books they didn't have at my local Borders. Brian Jacques was a brilliant, brilliant man. I've honestly never been this sad about an author passing away.You'll be greatly missed, Mr. Jacques.


Anonymous said...

I never got around to reading the Redwall series, but I have always respected him as an artist.

chelsea said...

I was a little sad when I heard the news. My husband is currently reading the Redwall books and is completely obsessed. I work at a bookstore and we made a special display of our Redwall overstock in his honor.

Chelsea said...

You work at a bookstore? I used to but they ended up laying off a lot of people. Best job ever though. I wondered where you got all your awesome book posts from!

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