Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Late Edition

So it's not really Thursday anymore, it's actually Saturday.. but I got interrupted mid-writing on Thursday, saved this post as a draft and didn't get back online until midnight now. Happy weekend, hope your Thursday lists were lovely!

Shake your tree today! 22 Suggestions for photographers to motivate and inspire.

Shear Chaos Salon's circus themed photoshoot with a set that only cost $250. 
They diy'ed everything with super low budget, easy to get materials! There's awesome outfits and little dogs too!

This pouring light lamp
This concept design lamp looks like a cup spilling light, one of them even has a little tea bag.

Park and Cube's beaded tights DIY
It was made a few years ago, but I just found and I love how it looks - especially on the white tights.

Flying Omoplatas and crazy moves at the gym!
A few of us worked on trying this out for fun at the gym. I successfully...landed on my shoulder twice, my butt countless times, probably my head, oh and the move twice. It's lots of fun and I'm determined to get it! 

♥ Greek Yogurt ♥ "Chelsea, stop trying to photobomb the webcam!"- Husband ♥ Cards from my friend studying in England with grey cats in pirate hats ♥ My grey cats! ♥ Ukuleles and ukulele covers ♥ Black and white rose printed scarves ♥ 30  degrees feeling like 90, simply because it's a huge step up from 9 degrees ♥


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