Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One link or two?

I've been extremely busy preparing for my husbands deployment, squaring things away and trying to spend every minute with him, so my blog is on the back burner for now. I always seem to start blogs during super busy times in my life and have trouble keeping up with it. I've been scribbling ideas down in my notebook for posts, and gathering cute Etsy stores for giveaways eventually! Until then, here's a little link round up to start the week off with some inspiration, distraction or whatever it may be that you need!


Surreal and strange made-up animals? Marionettes? Dreamy landscapes? Fredrik Odman's photography has them covered! Plus he has some photos taken where The Seventh Seal's chess scene was filmed!

Or some amazing underwater editorials by Zena Holloway! Underwater shoots with swirls of fabric, a cute little gator, and more. My favorite is probably the octopus shot, and the Maidon Voyage editorial. A lot of the images here are not safe for work!

Check out some of these awesome craftrooms! I've just recently discovered craftrooms (I keep my stuff scattered on a bookshelf in the dog's bedroom) and I'm in LOVE!

DIY Hanging Yarn Lamp
I didn't think a yarn lamp would look cool, but I guess a yarn lamp is one of those big, swirly, cool looking things you see on a lot of wedding blogs? Anyways, its super easy!

A beautiful post on a mother and her body image and her relationship with her daughter.

Contact juggling! I'd love to learn how to do this.

Can you try doing nothing for 2 minutes?

Oodles of baby turtles! And by oodles, I mean 180,000 baby turtles! Being released into the Amazon!

63 Power questions you should ask to reconnect with yourself.

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