Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday


♥ Disney Music! Especially this nice little mix. They really don't make Disney movies like they used to. It instantly brightens my day.

♥ Tart burners and amazing tarts! My co-worker got me this lovely tart burner and some tarts and I've been burning it literally every day to save my candles. He even got one with a little cover so my pets don't try to stick their noses in there. I can change the smells according to mood and it's just the best thing.

♥ New hair color. I tried out a bright red, which I wanted so bad and it was fun but I had a hard time matching it to other things so I dyed it back to black and I'm a lot happier. It's edgy, it's powerful and it compliments everything.

♥ I made a polymer red velvet cake necklace for this sweet barista who's my work-neighbor at Starbucks.  She was thrilled and I LOVE surprising people with little things. I'd only met her a handful of times and she told me she did cake decorating and that red velvet was her favorite. I took pictures but they're camera phone pictures.

♥ Jiu-jitsu. If I could put this on every TiLT list, I would, and might. It's changed my life, and has brought a whole new level to it.

International Delight Coffee Talk 
Sally from Already Pretty does live chats on here as well as great discussions, which is what originally got me interested in the community but I've since found and met many other bloggers with great blogs and amazing people on there! Plus there's a chance to win some of your favorite International Delight creamer!
But really, as a non-morning person, it makes me look forward to getting up.

♥Butter rum carmel cookies ♥ leopard print scarves ♥ red leather driving gloves ♥ this lilac wool cowl with chunky buttons ♥ cream colored file organizer with forest green (and 100% recycled) folders to organize my files and paper! ♥ The poses my cats make when they sleep ♥ starting to work on my study/crafting room,  ♥ apple chai tea infusion ♥ 20 Something, 20 Everything ♥ vanilla soy milk - I generally much prefer regular milk but there was some in the fridge and I decided to give it a second chance ♥ purple lipstick ♥ Whiskey ♥ a glitter covered sink from making eyeshadows ♥ and my ugly but beyond comfortable Rocket Dog Shimmie knit slippers!

What are you all loving this week? Missed Thursday (I ALWAYS forget to write my list until 11pm and often race to get it done)? Make a list anyways!


Anonymous said...

vanilla soy milk is the best-- its awesome with multigrain cherios-- just sayin'! i started drinking almond milk when i was a vegan. if you dont like almonds, i wouldnt recommend it but, it tastes pretty much like skim milk with an almond hint to it. have a lovely weekend, lady!
much love.

chelsea said...

This week I am loving:
having company
piece pizza
black and white cookies
art museums
taking the bus vs walking in the snow
experiencing my first blizzard
hoping that it is my last blizzard
goofing off at work

Chelsea said...

I'm a huge fan of almonds so that sounds great! I think I'm going to check it out!

I need to visit Chicago, black and white cookies and art museums sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

Vanilla soy milk???? I thought I was the only one who liked soy milk!

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