Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jeepers! Spring Peepers!

I live in the country and the elusive spring is finally starting to peek out around Ohio.
One of my favorite things is - I have a pond, and what do ponds have? Frogs! More specifically, spring peepers.
They're tiny little frogs (I've never seen one, and I've lived here for 20+ years) that almost have a cricket like sound, and chirp and "peep". It's a soothing sound, one that I associate with spring and growing up here, and this is the third night I've heard them. It's comforting and I'm glad spring is finally coming around.

Here's a really good video of what they all sound like together at night. There's some other videos showing actual "peepers" but this is the best video soundwise.

Here's another one where there's less peepers - it's what it sounds like right now, since they're not all out yet. It's not as busy sounding

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