Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Terminator. I'm back!

Woooo! Two weeks without posting!

I've been a super busy girl and I'm still (more like always) trying to settle!
I was gone for 4ish days for the Arnold Sports Festival, as mentioned previously, and then I spent a week catching up and preparing myself for a seminar! The Arnold's was a great time. I drove down with a bunch of guys I train with and we stayed with someone's relative in Columbus for the weekend. Cramming 10 people in a college apartment was fun - especially when most of us train at an MMA gym. Everyone was practicing moves all over the place, I was subject to quite the conversations being one of two girls there (the other being the hostess).

The Arnold's itself was interesting! I met Brian Stann!! As well as Nick Diaz, and saw Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler,  and a few other people. I'm not really into the bodybuilding so much, but it was crazy seeing Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler and how massive they were. There was tons of healthy food samples, I think I had 50 protein shake samples, egg white shots (with chocolate, they were really good!), free stickers, patches, etc! They had some incredible protein bars with m&m's in them too, called the Ultimate Flurry bar.

Competition-wise, I placed third for the matches run on the second day, and not on the first day. I met some cool people, really bonded with my teammates even more - so now I have a bunch of brothers and bodyguards ;]. They were all really protective and supportive of me.

Me going in for a triangle choke.
I'm in the pink on the bottom, the choke I'm going for is with my legs and chokes the opponent with one of my legs and one of their arms, restricting blood flow. 

The seminar afterwards was with DUKE ROUFUS! He's one of the top kickboxing trainers in the United States and trains many WEC/UFC fighters. It was really a great honor to train with him, and an incredible experience. I learned so much from doing it and gained tons of confidence. We went out to eat with him afterwards, and I still can't believe I was sitting there eating with Duke Roufus,  talking about every day things, like tv shows, Anthony Bourdain, traveling etc! He's also a huge history nerd, used military strategies to help teach and it couldn'tve been better.

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