Sunday, February 27, 2011

Countdown to the Arnold Sports Festival!

My new Atama rashguard AND lavender lipstick! 
 I know, I know. There still isn't an about me section. There will be, I promise  - and there were going to be make-up pictures (or face of the day's aka FOTD or eye of the day - EOTD) but  they'll come soon enough.

Here. have a cheesey silly photo of Arnold from!
So, there is one week until the Arnold Sports Festival. It's the largest multi-sport festival in the nation and named after the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  There's competitions ranging from female bodybuilding and figure, men's bodybuilding, skateboarding, ping pong, art, and more. I'll be competing in the grappling/brazillian jiu-jitsu competition, it'll be my first competition. Jiu-jitsu is basically a style of ground fighting, I never really know quite how to explain it. But if you're familiar with watching UFC or and mixed martial arts, if they're on the ground fighting - chances are they're using jiu-jitsu. Called BJJ for short, it's become a huge part of my life - I spend 3-4+ days training at an MMA gym, and I'm starting to slowly add kickboxing into it.

Anyways! I'm incredibly nervous, I hate large crowds but it's going to be a fun experience. I need to incorporate a little cardio in to get some better endurance, and I'm not quite in the shape I planned on being but it's going to be fun. I'm also starting my P90x back up for the millionth time so I can do even better at my next competition. I've also recently bought this amazing book, The New Rules of Lifting for Women - Lift like a man, look like a goddess and it's been great so far - there's lots of great simple recipes, it breaks down workouts and nutrition pretty simply! I'd recommend it to ANYONE wanting to start working out, its only $10-$13 - the same as 2-3 Starbucks drinks!

I've been making lots of delicious protein shakes - hello fresh fruits every morning and new fun recipes every day!! Plus the book's introduced me to my new favorite food - steel cut oats! I feel like a horse chomping on them but they're great and healthy!

I'm thinking about compiling a list of my favorite smoothie recipes, healthy and non!
Have a lovely week, indulge in some smoothies!

Constantly writing around midnight, Chelsea

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Ohhh thats awesome!! How long have you been into Jiu-jitsu? More importantly, how did your competition go?? There is a competition at my local climbing gym but I'm too scared to compete, lol. I totally think you need to put up some recipes, I would love to try some :) said...

OH! BTW! Where is your lipstick from?

Sarah said...

That sounds so bad ass - good luck!!

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