Friday, April 20, 2012

Orange you glad...

 I'm blogging again!
I'm blogging again! 
After a million and one excuses, I am really going to do this. 
I'd been too busy to keep up with a blog, but I have a game plan now.

Orange, carrot, champagne mango and banana smoothie.

Started my morning off with the usual - a handful of reachable fruits and vegetables tossed in the blender. I've been out of spinach for my morning smoothies, so I've been adding carrots and cucumbers. The vivid orange it turned out made me decide to wear my sole piece of orange clothing. 
I will perfect outfit posts when I'm not rushing to edit photos from an event.

Dress - Forever21
Shoes - Target

Make-up (not visible this time :[ )
Eyes - Sugarpill Goldilux
MAC Swimming
Almay - Black Pearl 
Lips - L'oreal Volcanic

 Wearing L'oreal Volanic lipstick too (best orange lipstick ♥!) but
I'm still figuring out taking good make-up pictures with a 50mm 1.4 lens.
I promise better outfit pictures in the future.

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