Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Bee!

I've been unexpectedly, and fantastically busy this summer and this year in general! 
I had giant expectations and plans for Cup of Chelsea that had to be put on the back burner once more, and I had to learn how to balance them before tackling a blog. 

I always feel like blogging looks "easier" but really, it's quite a commitment (coming from someone that has 5 or so posts hah!)  But I'm extremely fortunate to be given the many opportunities that have been keeping me away from the blog. I made a new blog design to help motivate myself into trying to fit a blog into my schedule.

 Here's what's been keeping me away from exercising my writing!

Snap Snap!
That's right! I have a website, business cards in the mail and a small but beyond supportive network 
helping me with my photography business! It's not the niche I thought I'd find myself in, but I'm doing combat sports photography - boxing, cage fighting, grappling, events and fighter portraits. I'm still doing tons of creative work, portraits and weddings but I'm working with a local Mixed Martial Arts website photographing events. On top of that, I have a creative shoot in the works that I'm extremely excited about. Here's a tiny hint Wegmanesque and carnivals.

Me and the the husband finally took a vacation after 4 years and it was great to get away,
but I'm saving that for another post with lots of pictures!

Feng-Shui, inside and out
The house has been painted for the first time in over 5 years and we're working on rearranging, replacing and bettering our living space. Upkeep of the yard has been the hardest - trying to make changes and maintain whats already there when you have a former farm takes up a lot of time! 

I joined a Crossfit gym on top of my grappling and muy thai kickboxing training and the three 3+ hour nights training a week, and one hour before work at Crossfit takes up a large chunk of my time. 
I ran my first 5k, competed in a higher level tournament and got a 2nd place after being bumped up a division at the last minute and I'm reaching lots of fitness goals. If I had time to keep up, I'd love to start a jiu-jitsu and fitness blog. 

Hows everyone's summer going?! Hopefully just as wonderful and busy!


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