Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Patch of Queen Anne's lace in my backyard
After some very very busy weeks, shooting an event, setting up a shoot for a baby pageant and getting back into the swing of things after a not-long-enough trip to Florida it's great to sit down for a bit and pull together a TILT list. I haven't done one in far too long! 

♥Handpicked berries from my neighbors strawberry and blueberry farm. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats local produce or your own homegrown fruits and vegetables!
 ♥ The smell of sun ripened tomatoes in a garden! The lovely leafy, earthy smell is one of my favorites! Tomatoes in general are great too - I especially love them sliced and salted!
♥ Grilled food is some of the best in my opinion, so why not make baked goods on a these grilled smore brownies?!

Paperself eyelashes - I only own the Under The Sea ones and aside from vacation have yet to find a place to wear them but they're whimsical, and fun! They're paper eyelashes cut into shapes such as seahorses, peacock feathers, antlers with butterflies, zebras and more! It sounds kind of out there but check it out!  
 ♥Fractured Prune donuts - a local shop that makes fresh donuts right in front of you and lets you pick different flavored glazes and toppings like key lime - fresh cake donut with lime glaze, coconut and graham crackers on top! Some of my favorites are the strawberry shortcake, peppermint with chocolate chips, blueberry, and I believe black forest with cherry? Warm, fresh and local! 
♥Honing in on my culinary skills. I've been attempting cooking at least once a week - even if its a simple recipe or one I go to often. 
DIY anthropologie scarf  - perfect for my love for accesories made from t-shirts! 
♥ Free. Books. Oh wait, you want this to be awesomer? Try free classic AUDIO books!
I love listening to radio shows but I've been trying to find some good audio books to take with me on my long drives and here it is! 
♥Olympic parties with some of the crew from the No Math Allowed podcast ♥ Olympic themed swimming pool cake my husband decorated ♥ Military welcome home ceremonies ♥ Criminal Mind marathoning ♥ Planning future dream trips after my husband playing Uncharted (a PS3 game that follows the path of Sir Francis Drake, various historical myths, exploring lost cities in Nepal, etc).♥ Said trip planning leading to finding present day adventurers! ♥ Dark chocolate covered blueberries

What are you all loving this week? 


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your layout is so cute! its been forever since ive rummaged your blog/the internet in general! excited to see what you come up with, lady!

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