Friday, July 13, 2012

The Happiest 5k on the Planet!

I completed my first 5k with some friends this year in June! We ran in the Color Run!

Everyone starts off with white shirts, music blasting at the start line, countdowns and a view of little clouds of color rising above the finish line to the right. The run looped through Cleveland partially through a neighborhood with little checkpoints every 1k, in which we were doused with colors. People sat outside in their yards to watch, and receive colorful hugs and high fives! 
At the end an even bigger explosion of colors was thrown on the runners crossing the finish line by the waves of runners before us. They had a huge party afterwards, everyone received packets of the color to share with each other! People of all ages from babies to 70+ year old grandmothers and even a dog participated!
The photographer in me was ecstatic at the photographic opportunities, but since the color they launched at us was powdery, I had to baby my camera to keep it from getting little particles of rainbow-love inside. I still got some fun shots though!

5k runnin' woman! Go me!
I'm flexing those running muscles. Err..

Running buddies! Mindy&Mandie, aren't they adorable?!
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