Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cheer up, Charlie

longing for days where I can shed my winter coats!

My husband was home for his R and R ("rest and relaxation") from Iraq for the past two weeks, and he left to go back a day or two ago. We've done long distance before, and after having to take him to the airport over 5 times to go to various states last year, you'd think I'd get used to it.. but I've been feeling pretty crushed. Once I make it over this next week, I'll probably be ok. I actually handle deployment fairly well, I keep myself busy and distracted to make the time go by. The week after airport week is just the hardest. Knowing the clothes that are strewn about now won't be worn for over 9 months makes me realize how long it'll be before he's back, and I just have no motivation to do much besides curl up in bed with a sweatshirt of his until I feel better. But I hate knowing I wasted a whole day moping, and it doesn't get anything done.

What do you guys do to pull yourself out of a quick case of moping?

I tried eating lots of colorful fruits - strawberries, bananas, blueberries.
Watching lots of Psych reruns, skimming over books to distract myself, hot honeycrisp apple cider, and it's only helped a tiny bit. Talking to some other military spouses/fiances/girlfriends helped a little, but I constantly find myself feeling like I have nothing in common with them.


youmeandaskeletonkey said...

might i suggest a soy chai latte and an afternoon roaming around a bookstore? health food shopping also has a way of cheering me up! heck, i apparently live close enough to you-- ill come with! either way, cheer up buttercup!

Chelsea said...

Chilling at the bookstore does sound awesome and relaxing :). Much better than staying cooped up at home! I try to find other interesting bloggers from around the area, maybe eventually we'll have enough for a Northeast Ohio blogger meet up?! <3

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