Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Birds


Yo Thursday! You feel a million times better than yesterday! Glad we're friends! Once again, I'm home from work at...11:50! So this is probably another late TILT. It's really, a TILF, I suppose. So let's do some birds!
I adore birds, and especially bird watching and bird photography. As a little nerdy child, I had a book of birds for northeastern states and I'd sit by the window for hours by the bird feeders and make a list of what kind of birds I saw, and referenced page numbers in the book.

There was one bird that was a little interesting looking in my book and I never thought I'd see it around here. Well, one day, I was perched by the window peering through my binoculars when one of them popped up right by the window. I was beyond thrilled, but the bird didn't stay long. A few day ago, I pulled in my driveway and saw a little flash of red and black, and lo and behold there was a Rose Breasted Grosbeak hiding in the bushes! Not sure why I thought it was so cool when I was little, but I hadn't seen one since then and I think its a very good sign. So here's to you, birds!

Loving my purse!

It's yellow on the inside with little black birds, and the outside is black canvas with white birds and a few rabbits - even better! There's two big compartments and one giant middle one, its perfect for being organized, which I am not but the option is there.

My Kindle
 I didn't think I was going to like it at first, since nothing is better than the smell of old books, the crinkle and feel of old paper and the hands they've gone over it. In fact I kind of frowned down on it for even the idea of something trying to take the place of my books. But the Kindle is really convenient, I can sneak reading in my classes quite easily, instead of having a bulky obvious book. And this bird screen saver is my favorite. Sometimes I'll even turn it on and off a few times to get to it. Plus the books that are dearest to me will still be bought in paperback form.
My beloved bird background.

♥ Jarbas Agnelli composes music by the position of birds on a wire.
♥ Bird prints on old dictionary pages on Etsy. There's far too many to pick and post some.

♥How gorgeous is this diamond engagement nest ring!?
♥ I've still yet to order, but even reading the descriptions will get you hooked on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab . 

You have to check it out. I've heard amazing reviews on Specktra and with spring and summer time rolling around, its time to get some new scents. 

♥ Talking to my husband online, knowing he's safe for now. ♥ Getting ideas for cooking (and burning the house down in style) ♥ Gorgeous gorgeous new telephoto lens my husband got me, I can't get enough of it. It'll be so perfect for stalking birds with once I get a new bird feeder(s). ♥ Changing out tarts in my tart burner. My room smells like orange creamcicle and coconut bay. ♥ Putting black lipstick on for shits and giggles and realizing it doesn't look too bad. ♥ Getting ready for the Arnold Classics ♥ Anthony Bourdain ♥ Anthony Bourdain's voice! ♥ Making silly sentences in sign language with my deaf co-worker ♥


parisian_love1 said...

Oh those rings look amazing, I love my Kindle as well. But I think that I spend a bit too much money on my books now!
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chelsea said...

What a fantastic purse! I love the lining! All linings of purses whould be a bright color, makes it way easier to find stuff. Also, I WANT that birds nest ring. Is it too late to exchange what I have, I wonder?
Though, I cannot get behind the kindle. I am a neo luddite for sure. I don't even like kitchen gagets. Technology and me? We are not lovers.

Chelsea said...

I was extremely unsure of the Kindle, and honestly, when I got it as a gift I was a little offended and very disappointed. But I recently found a whole collection of 36 works by Jules Verne for $3 on it. Technology scares me and frustrates me, but I don't know what I'd do without it. And the ring!!! If it weren't so pricey I'd love to have it, even as a regular ring! I keep looking at it and wondering if there's a way to recreate it for cheaper.

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